MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
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Next 13281 XPAG TD2 13080 DQA 525 Armstrong
Chassis No:  13037A Body No:  Plate Missing Engine No:  XPAG TD2 13037 Reg No: DIS 211
Year of M/F:  January 1952 Colour:  MG Red Trim Colour:  Beige
Present Owner:  Antonenko, Peter
Car partially restored by previous owner and completed by Peter Antonenko in the early 1980's. Currently the engine needs overhauling, and Peter is looking for someone to take this on as a paid project. All body plates have been removed and replaced with replicas containing no numbers. Chassis number cannot be read hence the (A) suffix.
Previous owners: 
Phillip Marriott, Darwin until August 1984