MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
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Chassis No:  12875 Body No:  12247/82127 Engine No:  XPAG TD2 12864 Reg No: VC 0130
Year of M/F:  January 1952 Colour:  Ivory Trim Colour:  Black
Present Owner:  Lee, Ray
Car shipped to Sydney on SS dartmoor and was received into Nuffield (Aust) inventory on March 24, 1952. It was first registered AFX 408 in N.S.W. and delivered to S.L. Mier of 102 Victoria Rd, Bellvue Hill on September 3, 1952. Car was originally painted Ivory with Red Trim. 'Ray purchased his car in 1996 for $20,000. His only work to complete the restoration, was the trimming job on the side curtains. Car is fitted with chrome plated grille bars.
Previous owners: 
Archie Wallace, Claremont, Tas.
B. Moore, Blackheath from old ATA records.