MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
Prev 11932 XPAG TD2 12308 65893 H McCallum
Next 11985 XPAG TD2 12337 70897 H McDonald
Chassis No:  11935 Body No:  11301/78948 Engine No:  XPAG TD2 12333 Reg No: 66888H
Year of M/F:  November 1952 Colour:  Woodland Green Trim Colour:  Beige
Present Owner:  McClusky, Bob
Bob purchased his TD for $400 in September 1969.It was his daily driver for 6 years, then he left it with a friend to sell it when he returned to the UK. When he returned to Australia in 1981 he learned that his friend hadn't sold the car and it had languished in a paddock. By this time the car was a wreck, so Bob took panel beating, painting and upholstery courses to complete the restoration and the car was re registered in 2009.
Previous owners: