MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
Prev 29492 XPAG TD2 29896 BB 474H Holliday
Next 29611 XPAG TD2 29993 BD 5481 Holt
Chassis No:  29563 Body No:  28800/7073 Engine No:  XPAG TD2 29915 Reg No: BCD 95T
Year of M/F:  July 1953 Colour:  Ivory Trim Colour:  Red
Present Owner:  Holmes, Ken & Maria
Car is being fully restored by Ken. Car originally left factory painted black with green trim. It was subsequently painted green by a previous owner. Car has now been restored for two years and is providing happy motoring to its owner.
Previous owners: 
Trevor Fraser, Sydney.