MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
Prev 12619 XPAG TD2 13081 8JW 781 Unknown
Next 12623 XPAG TD2 13318 009 Unknown
Chassis No:  12620 Body No:  11991/79460 Engine No:  XPAG TD2 13085 Reg No: 8MG 54
Year of M/F:  January 1952 Colour:  Woodland Green Trim Colour:  Beige
Present Owner:  Unknown,
Car shipped to Sydney on SS Scottish Trader and was received into Nuffield (Aust) inventory on March 31, 1952. Previous owner Patrick Reed is keen to make connection with the current owner. Any info will be passed on in confidence. Help requested. Substitute pic supplied. Previous Reg Nos were UIG 201 & 8ET 863. Current engine no believed to be XPAG TD2 21246. Body colour now maybe Cream with green trim.
Previous owners: 
Shacks, Freemantle, W.A,
Terry Sanbrook. W.A.
Alan Arthurden, Northbridge until Oct 1992
Espirit Motors in 1992.
Jill in Andross, Stan Tucker, Patrick Reed 1963-4.