MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
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Next 11314 XPAG TD2 11719 62367 H Tolcher
Chassis No:  11307 Body No:  10654/78809 Engine No:  XPAG TD2 11680 Reg No: 61841 H
Year of M/F:  October 1951 Colour:  BRG Trim Colour:  Black
Present Owner:  Timms, Rhys
Car shipped to Sydney on SS Belevelyn and was received into Nuffield (Aust) inventory on February 22, 1952. Car was originally painted Red with Red Trim and sold on April 9, 1952 to M. G. Treweeke, 41 Tambourine Bay Rd, Lane Cove, N.S.W. with Reg # AEL 529. Car rebuilt when speedo showing 82,000 miles. As at 25/10/99 speedo shows 97,500 miles. Car regularly used in MGCC Vic. rallies.
Previous owners: 
Craig Howard, Murrembeena, Sept 1999.
Peter Cowie, Brookvale, NSW> 1975 - 1999.
Lindsay Sturman, up to 1975.