MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
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Next 02653 XPAG TD 3108 Unknown Rowley
Chassis No:  01864 Body No:  n/a Engine No:  XPAG TD 2251 Reg No: Unknown
Year of M/F:  June 1950 Colour:  Ivory Trim Colour:  Green
Present Owner:  Routley, Wayne
Car shipped to Sydney on SS St Alma and was received into Nuffield (Aust) inventory on September 14, 1950. Car was originally painted Cream with Green Trim and sold on October 3, 1950 to W Gibson, P. O. Box 21, Newcastle, N.S.W. 'Car is currently fitted with a TF XPEG 1250 engine and also has a 4.55:1 differential.
Previous owners: 
Mr Gibson, Asquith, NSW
Sold new by P & R Williams?