MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
Prev 01244 XPAG TD 1851 CH 9777 Besley
Next 01261 XPAG TD 1858 CRV 112 Bird
Chassis No:  01258 Body No:  n/a Engine No:  XPAG TD 1853 Reg No: CJP 234
Year of M/F:  April 1950 Colour:  White Trim Colour:  Tan
Present Owner:  Bickford, Marshall
Solid wheels with holes drilled after. New engine fitted by Plus 4, with 69mm bore. Chassis severely modified at both front dumb irons. TD 2000 grille, Mk 11 instruments. Current Engine No is XPAG SC 12797
Previous owners: