MG TD Register
Chassis # Engine # Rego # Name
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Chassis No:  00270 Body No:  Engine No:  XPAG TD 525 Reg No: UZL 311
Year of M/F:  November 1949 Colour:  Red Trim Colour:  Grey
Present Owner:  Dennis, Bruce
Car is in stock standard original condition and is in good running order. Whilst the car is fully road registered, it is rarely used. This pic was taken in 1966 at a Concours d'Elegance at Yanchep in Perth, when the Reg # was 77-468. Most of the history of this car is unknown, but owner Bruce would welcome any news.
Previous owners: 
Andy White. 1981 - 2007
Michael Chaney. 1971 - 1981.